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Relax. Smart Home Control Makes Emergencies Easier, Too

Focus on What Matters

Relax. Smart Home Control Makes Emergencies Easier, Too

With the holidays right around the corner, you can expect a lot more people coming in and out of your Midlothian, TX property.

That means you have to prepare for any and all emergencies that might occur. The bad news is, it will take a little pre-planning. The good news is, smart home control simplifies the process.

With just a few swipes on your control pad, prepare for one of the most common emergencies: fire.

Want to know how smart technology helps you and your family stay safe? Just keep reading.

TAGS: Integrated Technology | Smart Alarms | Smart Lighting

How Brivio and Eagle Eye Combine for Total Commercial Access Control

Here’s Everything You Need to Know for Your Business

How Brivio and Eagle Eye Combine for Total Commercial Access Control

If you’re a business owner in Fort Worth, TX, there are two things you need in a security system: total protection and affordability.

And your commercial access control system is no different. While you recognize the need for enhanced safety, you also have to acknowledge the necessities of the bottom line.

That’s why Brivio and Eagle Eye – two leaders in the commercial security and surveillance space – have joined forces. They now offer two cloud-based services at a low monthly recurring rate to take care of most of your security needs.

Want to learn more about how these two services can help you protect your business? Just keep reading.

TAGS: Commercial Security | Surveillance Systems

Why It’s Time to Invest in an Outdoor Audio Video System

Don’t Assume Your Indoor TV Will Work Outside

Why It’s Time to Invest in an Outdoor Audio Video System

Summer may be gone but there’s still a little bit of Texas warmth to enjoy here in the McKinney area. Whether you’re a fan of movies under the stars or are ready to cheer on the Cowboys to a spot in the playoffs this year, outdoor audio video can enhance the experience.

But setting up an outdoor system isn’t as simple as wheeling your Sony flat-panel into the backyard. If you want optimal picture and sound, you should invest in a dedicated outdoor television.

What’s the difference between an outdoor and indoor TV? This blog will show you.

Just keep reading to find out how you can get the most out of your backyard A/V.

TAGS: Outdoor Speakers | Outdoor TVs | SunBriteTV

Why Your Office Needs Sound Masking

Protect Your Privacy and Encourage Productivity

Why Your Office Needs Sound Masking

Imagine this: you’re laying in bed at night. The room is perfectly quiet. So quiet, in fact, that you can hear everything.

The tree branches outside your window. The footsteps of the person in the hallway. Every creek your bed makes as you shift.

It’s enough to drive a person mad.

Oddly enough, the quieter a room is, the more noises can distract you. It’s true when you’re trying to get to sleep – and it’s true during the workday.

If you’re interested in defining a workspace that encourages privacy and productivity, you’re in the market for sound masking technology. Don’t know what that is? Just keep reading for more.

TAGS: commercial automation | speakers