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Quick Guide: Here’s What to Know about Control4 OS 3

All the Personalization You Want in One Smart Home System

Quick Guide: Here’s What to Know about Control4 OS 3

In case you missed it, Control4 announced the release of its Smart Home OS 3 last month, and the new features are nothing short of impressive. Not only does the shiny new operating system continue to unify hundreds of connected devices in the home, but it now offers an unparalleled level of personalization for the homeowner.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the most notable upgrades to OS 3 and provide instruction on how you can bring the new smart home system to your McKinney, TX property. Read our guide below!

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3 Hidden Technologies for Sightless Home Entertainment

Let Our Trusted Media Room Designers Improve the Look of Your Space with Concealed Tech

3 Hidden Technologies for Sightless Home Entertainment

The flexibility of media rooms can make them fun to design—until you have to plan for a wide variety of technologies. Everything from the TV display to the speaker system, receiver, cabling, and more must be intelligently incorporated into your media room without intruding on the space’s aesthetic.

It may sound like quite the challenge, but our trusted media room designers have you covered. We work with top-tier manufacturers that provide seamless solutions made specifically to blend in with your media room design while maintaining uncompromising performance.

So, instead of worrying about bulky AV equipment cramping your style, explore the following hidden technologies to complement the design of your Frisco, TX media room.

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Which Outdoor Speakers are Right for Your Home?

Not All Outdoor Speakers Are Equal. Let an Outdoor Sound System Installer Help You Decide.

Which Outdoor Speakers are Right for Your Home?

Days and nights by the pool or grill are best shared your favorite tunes. Whether your friends and family are classic rock or pop fans, all gatherings will be memorable experiences with the help of outdoor speakers. Outdoor speakers are built to endure all weather, so you can leave them installed in your landscaping all year long for spontaneous music moments. 

But not all outdoor sound systems are the same. Depending on your passion for audio and the size of your property, an experience outdoor sound system installer like Platinum MediaWorks can help transform your backyard into a musical wonderland. Discover which type of speakers will work best for your Dallas, Texas home.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Lighting Control System

Improve Your Home’s Appearance, Convenience, and Safety

4 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Lighting Control System

Have you ever felt that your home is not an accurate representation of your lifestyle? Perhaps you’ve visited a friend’s house and thought, When I get home, I want to change up how my house looks to make it more like this. But before you raid an art gallery or start bulldozing for new construction, consider an easier solution for a stunningly unique home appearance. With a new home lighting control system, you can elevate your home’s presence while improving your overall wellness, safety, and convenience.

Before you start a home renovation or decoration project, there are a few questions you should ask to best determine what your Frisco, Texas–area home’s lighting system can use.

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