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Enjoy a safer property in Plano, TX when you upgrade with smart home surveillance solutions.

Combine Smart Home Automation with Home Surveillance

Deter Potential Thieves by Tricking Them into Thinking You’re Home While You’re Away

Combine Smart Home Automation with Home Surveillance

Automating your home surveillance system seems like a no-brainer when you’ve already automated other features of your home – lighting control, climate control, motorized shades, and more. Your home surveillance system can actually incorporate your favorite features with your security cameras, too. Tie it all together with the power of Control4 smart home automation, and you’ll have peace of mind whenever you’re away from your Plano, TX, home for a long weekend getaway or vacation.

Keep reading to learn about how Control4’s Mockupancy feature can become a valuable piece to your home surveillance system while you’re away from home.

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What Is Cloud-Based Home Surveillance?

A Guide to Smarter Home Security

What Is Cloud-Based Home Surveillance?

With the end of summer just around the corner, you’re probably getting ready for the first hints of fall weather to cool off your Plano, TX property.

Fall brings with it a whole host of new events and fun, and before you know it the winter holidays will be here.

That means a lot more foot traffic in and around your property – which also means your home surveillance system will be put to the test.

So how do you store and organize all that footage? What’s the most effective way to enhance your homes safety? This blog will show you.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

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