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3 Hidden Technologies for Sightless Home Entertainment

Let Our Trusted Media Room Designers Improve the Look of Your Space with Concealed Tech

3 Hidden Technologies for Sightless Home Entertainment

The flexibility of media rooms can make them fun to design—until you have to plan for a wide variety of technologies. Everything from the TV display to the speaker system, receiver, cabling, and more must be intelligently incorporated into your media room without intruding on the space’s aesthetic.

It may sound like quite the challenge, but our trusted media room designers have you covered. We work with top-tier manufacturers that provide seamless solutions made specifically to blend in with your media room design while maintaining uncompromising performance.

So, instead of worrying about bulky AV equipment cramping your style, explore the following hidden technologies to complement the design of your Frisco, TX media room.

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Frame TVs 

When turned off, standard TV displays can be a distracting eyesore in your otherwise beautiful media room. The bigger the screen, the bigger the black hole is on your wall when you’re not using it. Samsung’s Frame TVs are a perfect solution to complementing your space’s style with artwork while your TV is turned off.

The Frame TV produces crystal-clear picture when turned on but transforms into your artwork of choice as soon as you turn off the TV. Instead of a distracting black screen, your TV is now a framed painting that adds to the rest of your room’s design. We bet you couldn’t tell that the Zebra painting in the photo above is actually a TV. Most people are unable to tell, even in person! Enjoy our favorite shows in QLED 4K UHD while using your TV, then turn it off and change the artwork as you desire by perusing Samsung’s Art Store.

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Motorized TV Lifts 

Sometimes the size of your media room or placement of furniture and décor makes it difficult to permanently display a large TV screen. Instead of forcing a display to work around your interior design, use a pop-up or ceiling TV lift instead to reveal and conceal your screen when you want it.

We work with Nexus 21, a top manufacturer in custom TV lifts, to create the ideal viewing environment for any size media room and TV screen. Lower your display from inside the ceiling or lift it out from underneath the floor at the touch of a button and watch as it smoothly and soundlessly reveals itself when you’re ready to watch a movie.

You can even choose to lift and lower your TV from inside a piece of furniture, like an entertainment center. Nexus 21 lifts come in a variety of sizes for virtually any application to perfectly complement the design of your media room.

In-Surface Speakers 

Traditional box speakers and floor-standing speakers can certainly add to the design of your media room, but those solutions are not always best when you consider speaker size and placement requirements. Instead, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a great alternative for sightless sound that performs just as well.

Create invisible sound while you enjoy TV or listen to your favorite tunes with in-surface speakers that install flush with your walls and ceilings so that they stay hidden away while delivering even, high-performance audio. With no visible wires or unsightly grilles, in-surface speakers create the sound you desire without distracting from your interior design.

As central Texas’ trusted AV installer, Platinum MediaWorks ready to help transform your media room to provide the industry’s most cutting-edge audiovisual technology without impeding your style. Learn more about how to get started by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below!

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