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3 Must-Have Home Automation Scenes

Enhance your luxurious lifestyle with these three smart home scenes

3 Must-Have Home Automation Scenes

You know that a home automation system will make your life easier, but what does that actually mean? A smart home will allow you to complete multiple, complex tasks without having to leave the comfort of your couch. Lighting control, motorized shades, audio video systems, and more will be at your fingertips. And through the use of smart scenes, all it takes is one button press to activate all your technology. Read our latest blog to learn three home automation scenes that you need in your Dallas area home.

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Movie Night

Imagine that your family has finally gotten home from a long day at work or school, and is looking for a way to wind down. A home theater is a perfect way to take movie night to the next level. A “Movie Night” scene will dim all of the lights in your home theater except for those by the snack area. If there are shades in your space, they will automatically close. Your audio video system will turn on to your source of choice, and your air conditioner will turn on so that you can get comfortable under the blankets. All of this will happen instantaneously with the push of a button.

Good Morning

A "Good Morning" scene will put you in the right mood as you get ready for work. Whether you want your lights to snap on to full brightness at a particular time or if you want your light to slowly turn on over a more extended period, your lighting control system will have you covered. Your audio video system can turn on to your favorite news channel or morning program, and the lights will turn on in your kitchen so you can start breakfast. In the meantime, the lights in your children's room will turn on, so they know that its time to get ready for school.


A “Nighttime” scene will make getting ready for bed a breeze. Set the lights to dim in your children’s room so that they know its time to go to bed. Then, the lights will turn off throughout your home when everyone is in bed. You can leave a dimmed light in the bathroom if you are worried that you will trip on the way to the bathroom. Your thermostat will then change to the optimal temperature for sleeping, and your smart security system will lock every room in your home. If you want an extra layer of security, you can set the alarm to go off if the door opens throughout the night and turn on motion-sensor activated lights on your porch and backyard.

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