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3 Situations Where You’ll Wish You Had a Smart Doorbell Camera

Eliminate Work Worries with Smart Doorbell Security

3 Situations Where You’ll Wish You Had a Smart Doorbell Camera

Starting a small business is no walk in the park. Among other things, it takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice and requires a proactive approach to streamlining operations and protecting your assets from digital and physical threats.


Fortunately, technology innovations like Alarm.com’s smart doorbell camera are helping small businesses to run more efficiently, decrease overhead, and secure their parameters.


If your Waxahachie, TX business has ever experienced the following situations, it may be time to invest in smart doorbell security. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. A Visitor Arrives at Your Business’ Door after Hours

Closing for the day? Keep an eye on your business’ entrance from anywhere you are with Alarm.com’s smart doorbell camera. When a client or customer arrives at your door and rings for assistance, you’ll receive a smartphone alert. When you open your Alarm.com app, you’ll see a video feed of who is at your entrance, and you can choose to start a voice conversation with them through the doorbell to let them know you’re closed and what time they can come back again.

  1. Your Office is Expecting a Delivery over the Weekend
    Although it’s best to schedule package deliveries for times you’ll be at the office, it’s not always possible. With a smart lock included in your doorbell, you have the power to unlock your office entrance remotely to allow delivery persons to unload valuable packages inside so that they don’t get left outdoors.

    Once you've verified that the visitor at your door is a delivery person, just tap the “Unlock” icon on your Alarm.com app and ask them to leave the package inside. Then simply press the “Lock” icon once they leave.

  1. You Arrive at Work and Notice a Break-In
    Experienced burglars have many tricks up their sleeves, but you can help stop crime with a smart doorbell camera from Alarm.com. Because the doorbell is also a security camera, it is always ready to capture and send you footage of suspicious activity that may be happening outside your office doors.

    A visitor to your entrance will trigger a motion-activated video recording, even if they don't press the doorbell. This footage can then be sent to your phone right away, where it’s easy to download and send to other staff members or local authorities.

Security for your small business doesn’t have to stop at a smart doorbell camera. Upgrading to Alarm.com’s Smarter Business Security service combines smart intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, and energy management into a single, affordable solution.


As a trusted Alarm.com dealer, we can help better secure your small business today. Just contact us here or send us a chat below to start talking with one of our professional Alarm.com installers now.

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