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3 Ways A Control4 Dealer Will Make Your Life As A Property Manager Easier

Enjoy increased efficiency and a return on investment at your University Park property

3 Ways A Control4 Dealer Will Make Your Life As A Property Manager Easier

Imagine enhancing your resident’s experience with amenities that offer a return on investment and add convenience to the lives of both your residents and staff. Smart technology will do that and more, allowing you to manage the climate, security, lighting, and other key features for shared spaces from one centralized location. Stand out from competitors by offering tenants fully equipped smart home environments. Enjoy the ease of control that a Control4 installation will offer. Learn three ways that working with a Control4 dealer will enhance your apartment complex or condos in University Park, TX.

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Return On Investment

Smart technology will do more than add convenience to your residents' everyday life; it will also allow you to increase your properties' rent. When S2 Capital offered its residents the option to upgrade to smart technology, including locks, lights, and thermostats for an extra $25 a month, 82% of their residents opted. You can increase the rent on your apartments by $25 to $40, even with simple upgrades such as a hub, locks, thermostat, and Wi-Fi package. You might be tempted to wait until smart technology is more affordable. Right now, smart home technology is considered a perk that renters are willing to pay extra for. As smart technology becomes the norm, however, it will become an expectation, and you won't be able to charge extra for it. By installing it now, you will see an ROI and will cover the costs down the line.

Minimize Repairs

Installing home automation technology in your apartments will allow you to minimize unexpected repairs with preventative maintenance.  Preventative measures are incredibly valuable to property managers. Sensors will alert you when there are potential leaks, mold, or broken HVAC systems, saving you thousands of dollars and reducing the stress of fixing these issues. Not only does this affect your staff's productivity, but it also inconveniences your residents, making them unhappy. By fixing an issue before it causes them problems, you minimize your maintenance requests and increases their satisfaction. You’ll both save money and improve your customer’s opinions of your complex.

Increase Efficiency

Adding smart home technology allows you to increase the efficiency of your staff. Automate tasks that would typically take up your property managers' time. Smart locks mean that you won't have to rekey doors when a tenants lease expire; instead, remotely reprogram them after the move out day without having to go on site. Smart thermostats will moderate the vacant units' temperature, and they can schedule the HVAC to kick back in right before a tour. Your residents will be able to control the smart technology in their apartment and automate tasks such as registering guests and issuing access codes. Focus on marketing your facility and increasing resident satisfaction. Save your company on energy bills and personnel costs.

At Platinum MediaWorks, we are a trusted Control4 dealer specializing in commercial automation for the University Park community and would be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation for you. Give us a call today!

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