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4 Innovative Ways to Use a Smart Lock for Safer Living

Take Your Smart Doorbell Security to the Next Level

4 Innovative Ways to Use a Smart Lock for Safer Living

With the rise of smart home technology, it’s becoming easier than ever to stay connected to your home no matter where you are. Surveillance cameras, scheduled lights, keyless entry, video-enabled intercoms, and more help you feel confident that your home is safe whenever you’re occupied or away.

No matter the technologies you use to protect your home in Allen, Texas, you can connect them with a smart lock by Alarm.com for enhanced security like never before. A smart lock powered by Alarm.com increases awareness and safeguards for your home and family, giving you daily versatility and value.

In this blog, we’ve listed four innovative ways to use an Alarm.com smart lock that may just make you rethink your current smart doorbell security measures. Keep scrolling to see what we suggest and watch some helpful videos!

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Remotely Unlock Your Door for Verified Visitors

An Alarm.com smart lock takes security to the next level by integrating with your Alarm.com doorbell camera so you can see exactly who is knocking at your door no matter where you are.

When your doorbell rings, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone that will enable you to see who is at your door. Instantly talk to your visitor and decide right then to unlock your door for them if you wish—all from one screen.

Control Your Locks with Customized Scenes

With one-word scenes on your Alarm.com app, like Home or Sleep, you can immediately adjust multiple devices in your smart home with a single command. With a smart lock, integrate those scenes to control access into your home.

Your Home scene can unlock your door and disarm your alarm; your Sleep scene can lock everything back up, set your alarm, and even turn down the thermostat. For even more convenience, Alarm.com Scenes can now be integrated with Amazon Alexa for easy, voice-enabled control.

Have Automatic Reminders Sent to Your Smartphone

We all have busy lives that move fast, so it’s easy to leave home in a hurry without remembering to lock your door. In such a case, an Alarm.com smart lock takes proactive security measures to guard your home against potential intruders as soon as you walk out the door by sending alerts and reminders to your phone.

If you leave for work and forget to lock your door, an alert from Alarm.com will ping on your smartphone and allow you to immediately lock your door without even having to open the app. Set the same alerts for open windows, back doors, and more.

Give Custom User Codes for Granted Access

With a smart lock keypad, you can create custom access codes for family members or trusted visitors so they can enter your home at their convenience. Customized codes instantly show you who entered your home. And for temporary situations, set time windows for when certain access codes will work or disable, and even give your access codes expiration dates.

Ready to upgrade your home security measures with a smart lock by Alarm.com? As a trusted Alarm.com dealer, we can’t wait to assist you! Contact us here or send us a chat below to start talking with one of our professional smart lock installers today.


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