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4 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Lighting Control System

Improve Your Home’s Appearance, Convenience, and Safety

4 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Lighting Control System

Have you ever felt that your home is not an accurate representation of your lifestyle? Perhaps you’ve visited a friend’s house and thought, When I get home, I want to change up how my house looks to make it more like this. But before you raid an art gallery or start bulldozing for new construction, consider an easier solution for a stunningly unique home appearance. With a new home lighting control system, you can elevate your home’s presence while improving your overall wellness, safety, and convenience.

Before you start a home renovation or decoration project, there are a few questions you should ask to best determine what your Frisco, Texas–area home’s lighting system can use.

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  1. How Do You Want to Control Your Lights?

For years, on-off switches were our only option for lighting control until dimmers arrived. But now, thanks to systems like Control4, you can also adjust every light in your house from the touch of a button—dimming and all. Use your smartphone, tablet, control panel or voice-command to modify the brightness on a sliding scale. Preset custom appearances like “Good Night” or “Good Morning” automatically turn on and off selected lights and window shades. If you’re in a hurry for work and forgot to turn off the lights upstairs, no problem. You can handle that on the way out the door through your phone. Or if you’re returning from a party late a night and are afraid of the dark, you can turn on each room’s lights before you have to walk into the unknown.  

  1. How Is Your Sleep Schedule?

This question may seem out of place, but new tunable lighting can routinely adjust the temperature of lightbulbs the day. The shift from cool, blue-tinted tones in the morning to warmer hues at night regulates your natural circadian rhythm and will make you more alert in the morning while feeling restful at night. If your sleeping habits always feel inconsistent, your body may benefit from tunable lighting. Goodbye, insomnia!

  1. What About Outside?

Of course, you need to illuminate the interior of your house, but have you considered exterior lights? You’ll need to make sure your system is set up properly for the indoors and outdoors. Outdoor lighting can sync with your Control4 smart system for many uses. Accentuate your home’s architecture with landscape lighting, or keep your property lit at night to intimidate trespassers. Light up pathways or brighten your yard to spend more time outdoors this summer.

  1. Will You Want to Change It Up?

If you feel restless for change, you’ll want to make sure your system can be modified easily, or you have trusted lighting control professionals at hand to help you whenever adjustments arise. You may want to change the color of your bulbs for seasonal tones or events. For a party-mode, your home lighting control can change the bulbs to fun, flashy colors. For the 4th of July, use your tablet to turn your entire house into red, white and blue, and when December returns, light up in red and green. Your property will be ready and decorated without the hours of assembly.  

The possibilities with home lighting control are endless. Are you ready to see your home in an entirely new light?

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