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5 Must-Have Accessories to Integrate with Your Control4 System

Manage Your Home’s Most Vital Functions in Just a Tap

5 Must-Have Accessories to Integrate with Your Control4 System

When it comes to your smart home, tailored control is an absolute must. Every homeowner in Plano, TX is different, which means their control system should be personalized to meet their unique needs.


Take your Control4 system to the next level of customization by integrating essential home accessories to improve your property’s efficiency, security, and privacy. From motorized shades and door locks to thermostats and more, see our list of five must-have integrated accessories below!


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  1. Motorized Shades & Drapes
    Motorized window treatments grant you the power to control every shade or drape in your home by remote, keypad, smart device -- even while you’re away from home. For more automation, configure your motorized window treatments to raise and close on a schedule so you can set it and forget it.

    Motorized shades are especially perfect for homeowners looking to save money on energy bills or lower their carbon footprint. By integrating your shades with your HVAC system, your shades will adjust to appropriately control the amount of sun or winter air that gets into your home.

    What’s more, you’ll never have to sacrifice your home’s interior design for smart shades. Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and materials to complement your home’s décor.

  2. Thermostats
    A smart thermostat puts comfort in your hands, allowing you to control the optimum temperature of your home with advanced scheduling and customized presets. Similar to motorized shades, smart thermostats are a perfect accessory to integrate with your smart home for additional energy savings.

    Warm or cool your home from anywhere with remote capability. Set it to “Away” or “Vacation” for energy management while you and your family are out of the house. Your thermostat will even respond to seasonal changes or the humidity in your home.

  3. Door Locks
    With an integrated door lock, you’ll never have to worry that you forgot to lock your door when you left home ever again.

    A smart lock puts that worry to rest by allowing you to lock and unlock your front door remotely or type in a passcode on the lock’s keypad if you don’t have your keys. Your smart lock can even send you alerts when someone else enters your home while you’re away so you know when your family arrives.

    For an extra layer of security, integrate your door lock with a video surveillance camera and security system for continuous home monitoring.

  4. Lighting Fixtures
    Smart lighting control is highly customizable, enabling you to easily manage specific lights or whole-home lighting with a dedicated touch screen, in-wall keypad, smartphone, or even your TV remote.

    Configure certain lights to turn on or off at specific times during the day, set them on a custom schedule, and even activate light scenes that complement different activities or moods in your home.

    Smart lighting control can also help you sleep better with tunable bulbs that change color and temperature to simulate natural light as it brightens during the day to keep you energized and dims during the evening to prepare your eyes for sleep.

  5. Voice Control
    With a voice control device, control every aspect of your smart home with the sound of your voice. Your voice control device works as your personal assistant, making it easier to do everything from controlling your house locks and audio to scheduling appointments and grocery shop.

    Voice control is taking the smart home by storm as technology brands continue to create voice-compatible products embedded with personal assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. From voice-enabled TVs and ovens to microwaves and showers, you’ll be able to talk to virtually every connected device in your home for seamless control and convenience.


Integrating all these accessories with your Control4 system gives you the power to manage your home’s most vital functions from an interface that works best for you.


Our team at Platinum Mediaworks is ready to help you create your home of the future today! Just contact our team here or send a live chat below to talk with a professional Control4 dealer today.

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