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5 Security System Questions You Haven’t Thought to Ask Yet

If You’re Considering a Security Upgrade to Your Dallas-Area Business, Read This First.

5 Security System Questions You Haven’t Thought to Ask Yet

If you’re in the market for a security system upgrade for your Dallas-area business, be sure to look for reputable companies and reliable brand offerings. A professional can provide you with insight into the best methods to protect your assets, then design and install a security system built for your specific business needs.

From video monitoring and alarm responses to integration with smart lighting or water leak detection systems, a professional will ensure your office or warehouse is safe and secure. Protect your peace of mind with a professionally installed and monitored business security system. Keep reading the blog for five questions and answers we often hear from customers looking to upgrade their system.

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1.   I have a new employee. Can I add and remove users easily?

There’s no need for handling traditional keys for new employees when you have smart access control. allows for each employee to receive a personalized four or six-digit user code. You’ll receive smartphone alerts whenever an alarm is armed or disarmed using a code, as well as alerts whenever anyone attempts entry when they shouldn’t. You can generate user codes with the tap of a button on the interface or opt to deactivate user codes immediately when employment is terminated.

2.   Can I use my smartphone to monitor and manage the system?

You can monitor, control, and manage your business security system via your smartphone or a web browser. You can set it up to receive alerts when the system is disarmed or if motion is sensed in specific locations. With Brivio’s access control and Eagle Eye surveillance solutions, you can use cloud-based control and cloud-based storage with no need for space-draining onsite servers. From your smart device, you can easily access your system on the cloud.

3.   How invasive is a security system installation for an existing business?

With your drywall already installed you may be concerned about the headache a new system upgrade could create. Don’t fret! Both indoor and outdoor wireless options with long-life batteries are an option for your Dallas-area business. Security systems also include wired options, utilizing traditional electrical power or PoE (power over ethernet).

4.   Will upgrading my security system make my business’ data vulnerable to hackers?

Brivo pays close attention to cybersecurity as well as the physical security of your business. Their products have 256-bit encryption, which reduces your potential for cyber-attacks. Bot and DDoS attack monitoring is available, which sends you real-time alerts so you can take corrective action immediately. Regular and automatic updates frequently occur, ensuring your data is never left vulnerable when weaknesses are detected.

5.   What else can I do with my security system besides monitor video surveillance and entryways?

You can designate automated scenes for your business property, too. If you’re worried an employee left for the day without closing up shop, you can you use your smartphone to verify your doubts. If the employee did forget to activate the alarm, you could activate the Away scene to lock all entry points and arm the security system. Smart thermostats, motion detection, and water leak detection can also integrate into your business security system. You can avoid costly energy bills or water damage, and even control or automate the temperature in your warehouses and offices.


Upgrading your Dallas business’ security system will not only protect your commercial property but will provide you with peace of mind while you’re away. Call Platinum MediaWorks today at (469) 331-0328 or contact us online to get started with a consultation today. We look forward to working with you.

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