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Home Security Just Got Smarter with Video Analytics from Alarm.com

Upgrade Your Security System for a New Level of Control & Customization

Home Security Just Got Smarter with Video Analytics from Alarm.com

Smart home security solutions are replacing traditional security methods every day, thanks to the power of IoT. From real-time video alerts to live camera feeds, around-the-clock monitoring and more, integrated security makes it easy to stay connected to your property while at home or away.

Now, leading security solutions provider Alarm.com is breaking the boundaries of home security control and customization. With its newly launched video analytics service that uses advanced AI technology to monitor your property’s video streams, the Alarm.com platform can now distinguish between important events and routine activity happening in and around your McKinney, TX home.

Read on to learn how Alarm.com’s video analytics service makes your smart security system smarter and puts even more control in your hands.

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Know Exactly What’s Going on at Home

When motion is detected in or outside of your property, Alarm.com’s video analytics solution doesn’t just notify you of movement; it tells you exactly what’s going on, from lingering visitors on your driveway to an animal rummaging through your garbage. Alarm.com’s video analytics engine provides a new layer of awareness for homeowners, delivering push notifications that spell out object classification and tracking in and outside your property for never-before-seen precision.


Detect and Track Cars, People & Animals

Alarm.com’s video analytics service uses insight to alert you of specific events, such as when a vehicle drives onto your property or when a visitor loiters by your door. It can also detect animal movement to notify you if the neighbor’s dog pays an unwelcome visit to your lawn or if your indoor cat is climbing forbidden furniture.

While this level of detailed monitoring is impressive, Alarm.com’s video analytics solution also knows how to ignore routine activity, such as a car driving by or a mailperson quickly delivering a package. It makes these distinctions in real time before alerting you—or not alerting you—based on your preferred settings. Talk about intelligent security!

Customize Your Alerts with Virtual Zones

With Alarm.com’s video analytics service, subscribers can easily assign virtual zones and multi-directional “tripwires” to monitor their properties for specific activity.

If you only want to know when a visitor lingers by your front door and not on your driveway, or if you want to be notified when your pet enters certain rooms in your home, you’ll only receive notifications when movement is detected within those set parameters. This way, your security cameras will categorize activity based on the layout of your property and the specific areas you want to protect.

Alarm.com’s proactive video analytics service is changing the way we protect our properties. Pair video analytics with Alarm.com’s inclusive suite of smart solutions, from home automation to access control, energy management, and more, for a truly safer home.

As a trusted Alarm.com dealer, our team can help better secure your home today. Just contact us here or send us a chat below to start talking with one of our professional Alarm.com installers now.