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How Brivio and Eagle Eye Combine for Total Commercial Access Control

Here’s Everything You Need to Know for Your Business

How Brivio and Eagle Eye Combine for Total Commercial Access Control

If you’re a business owner in Fort Worth, TX, there are two things you need in a security system: total protection and affordability.

And your commercial access control system is no different. While you recognize the need for enhanced safety, you also have to acknowledge the necessities of the bottom line.

That’s why Brivio and Eagle Eye – two leaders in the commercial security and surveillance space – have joined forces. They now offer two cloud-based services at a low monthly recurring rate to take care of most of your security needs.

Want to learn more about how these two services can help you protect your business? Just keep reading.


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What Is Cloud-Based Security?

Cloud-based storage means you don’t have to host any onsite servers. Every piece of information is stored and backed up on a series of highly secured, global servers. Information can never be lost because it’s decentralized, and you can call it up with the touch of a button.

What does that mean for your business? A low-cost security solution.

Rather than a big upfront investment, you can enjoy the benefits of Brivio and Eagle Eye solutions for a low monthly fee.


Who Are Brivio and Eagle Eye?

Brivio provides access control solutions to businesses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Access control helps keep your building and internal entryways safe from potential breach.

Using a combination of electronic locks and personalized digital keys, Brivio ensures your spaces remain secure by keeping record of every time the system is engaged. When any staff members enter or exit the space, you’ll be the first to know via Brivio’s intuitive interface.

Eagle Eye offers surveillance camera solutions for full coverage of your entire workspace. Whether you want to keep an eye on the comings and goings of employees, or you want to protect merchandise or sensitive information, Eagle Eye surveillance cameras will help.

The footage is stored on cloud-based servers, and you can easily recall the information based on a robust tagging system.

The best part? You can integrate controls of both systems for even more coverage. When a Brivio lock is used, the Eagle Eye surveillance system can begin recording. And you can access it all from Brivio’s intuitive interface.


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