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Looking for a Change in Your Business Security System?

Learn Why Is Our Favorite – And Should Be Yours, Too!

Looking for a Change in Your Business Security System?

The new year is around the corner, and with a new year comes resolutions and goal setting. You may only consider new year resolutions as a personal endeavor, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to set resolutions for your business, too! Whether you’re aiming for higher sales numbers or lower employee turnover, setting goals sets you up for success.

Before this decade comes to an end, take some time to set a business goal of installing or upgrading your existing business security system. A security system for your business brings you peace of mind when running your company – you can monitor alarms, security cameras, and more with the help of

Keep reading our blog to learn why is our favorite business security system for our Dallas, TX customers.

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Crash & Smash Technology

Burglars often crash-and-smash security panels to stop it from signaling the authorities. If your business security system only utilizes one connection, that could be a big problem. uses two connection types – cellular and battery backup. The cellular connection sends an emergency signal to a monitoring station and can’t be cut like a network cable or phone line. If a burglar smashes the panel, the cloud-based platform alerts the monitoring station; the station then dispatches the police while the intruder has no idea their crash-and-smash wasn’t effective.

Live Video Feed

There’s no need to rush to your business when an alarm goes off. With the smartphone app, you can view live and recorded video footage. If there were a false alarm, you’d be able to tell remotely and let the monitoring station know. Remote video storage also provides peace of mind in the aftermath of a burglary or fire. All your video feed is accessible at any time via  a cloud-based security system. It can easily be shared with the authorities and your insurance company.

Smart Access Control

Replacing keys with smart locks and card readers is a safer security solution for your business. Keys are often lost and can potentially be copied or stolen. A security system that utilizes smart locks, card readers, and user codes provides an added layer of safety for your business. You can monitor and manage your business’ security system remotely, and the app can send you reminders to arm your security system at specified times. If an employee forgets to arm the system at the end of the night, you’ll receive a reminder and can arm the system remotely from your phone in seconds.

If you’re ready to ring in the new year with a more convenient and secure security system for your business, call us today at (469) 331-0328 or use our online form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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