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Outdoor Audio and Video Upgrades for Spring

Watch the big game while you grill or enjoy your favorite music while you relax with these new systems for your Plano, TX, home

Outdoor Audio and Video Upgrades for Spring

Temperatures are already rising quickly in northeast Texas, which means now is the time to get your yard ready for spring and summer barbecues, parties and more outdoor fun. You may have a grill and a yard, but you can enhance your outdoor entertainment with some new outdoor speakers and TVs.

Of course, we at Platinum MediaWorks only work with the highest-performing and most reliable outdoor A/V brands, which is why we’re highlighting a few specific manufacturers in this blog. Here are the outdoor audio and video products we recommend for Plano, TX, homeowners.

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There are three brands we like to use for outdoor audio: Sonance, Triad and Episode. All three manufacturers deliver quality products, but they’re all worth examining individually.

Let’s start with Sonance. The Sonance Landscape Series is a scalable speaker system designed to deliver quality sound across your entire yard, no matter the size. You can place Sonance Satellite Speakers under plants while in-ground subwoofers deliver the bass kick you want. For even more camouflage, their rock speakers look like a landscape feature even while delivering high-performance audio. You can buy the components separately or in a package. The SONARRAY SR1 package comes eight satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer, and it can cover an area up to 2,000 square-feet. Since one amplifier can power up to 16 speakers and two subwoofers, you can install extra devices to expand the coverage area.

Next up is Triad. All Triad products are designed and built at their headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Their speakers are custom-built for each project using only the highest-quality drivers and other components. The finish on the speakers can be customized to match any material or color. And you don’t have to worry if anything breaks, as Triad products come with a 10-year limited warranty. Triad’s Garden Array features all-weather speakers designed to blend in with your yard. If you’d rather keep your speakers away from plants and grass, you can mount their Outdoor OD25 and OD26 speakers along your patio roof or on your walls.

Our last outdoor speaker brand is Episode. Episode’s Satellite Speakers are made to withstand temperatures from -20 to 185° F, so they’ll work no matter the weather conditions. The speakers’ small size and striking design help them to blend in unobtrusively. Like Sonance, their rock speakers don’t look like speakers at all, and they are available in granite and sandstone finishes to complement your yard features. An easy starter solution is their Terrain Landscape Kit, which includes four 4” satellite speakers, four stakes and an 8” subwoofer.


Unlike with outdoor audio, there’s one brand we recommend for your outdoor video needs, and that’s SunBrite. SunBrite has three outdoor TV models, each designed for different situations and placements: The Veranda Series, Signature Series and Pro Series.

Before going into the difference between the three models, let’s look at what they have in common. All three models have been made to withstand rain, snow, humidity, dust, and even insects. To give the TVs an extra layer of durability, their exteriors are made from powder-coated aluminum. In the unlikely event something breaks, you get a warranty covering normal use for one year with the Veranda Series and two years with the Signature Series and Pro Series.

There are importance differences between the three product lines, however, starting with where each model is meant to be placed. The Veranda Series works best in fully shaded areas like your sunroom or patio. The Signature Series is best in partially shaded areas, and the Pro Series is designed for viewing in full sunlight.

Because the models are designed for different outdoor spaces, they have different ways of compensating for glare and the elements. Veranda Series TVs are about 50 percent brighter than your typical home theater display, while the Signature Series and Pro Series are up to three times as bright. Because the Signature Series and Pro Series are made to be more exposed, they come with a commercial-grade antiglare screen. The Pro Series, being the model designed for use in full sunlight, uses the same antiglare technology as the Signature Series with some added elements to make up for the extra heat from direct sun exposure.

You get slightly different levels of image quality with the different models. The Veranda Series and Signature Series top out at 4K UHD resolution, while the Pro Series only goes up to regular HD. Finally, there some minor differences in the operating temperature range among the different products. The Pro Series has the broadest range at -40 to 122° F. The Veranda Series is rated for temperatures from -24 to 104°, and the Signature Series is rated for -24 to 122°.

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