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Powerful Benefits of Working with a Home Theater Installer

Home automation experts are a better option for your technology needs than generic support services

Powerful Benefits of Working with a Home Theater Installer

Would you trust someone who isn’t a mechanic to fix your car? Of course you wouldn’t; you want somebody with knowledge and training to take care of your vehicle. Otherwise, they might just end up making the problem.

The same is true of home automation systems. Whether you’re installing a new home theater or need some work done on your existing system, you want people working on your equipment who know what they’re doing. This is why you want to work with a technology integrator, and today we’ll be looking more closely at the benefits of a professional home theater installation for your Dallas home.

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TVs and speakers used to be fairly simple devices; you’d open the box, plug them in, maybe connect a few cables, then turn everything on and you were up and running. These days, however, your TV, speakers and other components require much more precise setup to deliver optimal performance.

Take your TV. To get the best image possible, you need to adjust the brightness, contrast, black levels, inputs and other settings. Not everyone is equipped to properly calibrate your TV, but an integration professional like Platinum Mediaworks has the tools and know-how for any home theater installation.

The same goes for your speakers. Not only do the speakers need to be connected to your existing home audio system, they need to be placed properly within a space to deliver the best acoustic performance. And if your speakers require new wiring, good luck finding someone at your local big box store who has the necessary knowledge and experience.

Speaking of wiring, the right components are also crucial to a quality home theater installation. The wrong wiring, receiver, amplifier or other devices will all negatively impact your viewing and listening experience. A faulty installation could cause significant damage to your components and your home’s broader electrical infrastructure.


What really sets an integrator like Platinum Mediaworks apart from other home theater installers is our extensive experience with home automation systems. To really get the most from any automation system, all the components within that system need to work seamlessly with each other.

Let’s say you want a home theater installation, but you already have lighting control. You can set these systems up independently from each other, and you’ll still enjoy their benefits separately, but you can do so much more if these systems are linked.

Instead of having to enter separate commands to dim your lights and turn on your TV and speakers, with a properly integrated system you can do all three things with one button press. And that’s just the start of what linked automation systems can do.

When you’re ready to get started on your home theater installation, call the professionals at Platinum Mediaworks to ensure you get a stellar result. To learn more, fill out our online contact form, call us at (469) 331-0328 or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your browser.

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