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Quick Guide: Here’s What to Know about Control4 OS 3

All the Personalization You Want in One Smart Home System

Quick Guide: Here’s What to Know about Control4 OS 3

In case you missed it, Control4 announced the release of its Smart Home OS 3 last month, and the new features are nothing short of impressive. Not only does the shiny new operating system continue to unify hundreds of connected devices in the home, but it now offers an unparalleled level of personalization for the homeowner.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the most notable upgrades to OS 3 and provide instruction on how you can bring the new smart home system to your McKinney, TX property. Read our guide below!

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Departure from the “Circle of Power” 

With a more responsive and streamlined user experience in mind, the OS 3 does away with the former circular-styled interface—or what Control4 CTO Eric Smith calls the “circle of power”—and is now displayed in popular grid style for a more powerful and universal user interface.

This grid style is also adopted by just about every other consumer manufacturer, which makes it incredibly intuitive for homeowners. Just like you’re used to on your phone, users can hold-and-drag to add, remove, and arrange commonly used devices, streaming services, and scenes on the room screen of their choosing.

One-Touch Music & Video Streaming 

Streaming music and video throughout your home is easier than ever with OS 3. Easily access the Media Sessions icon to see a global overview of what is playing throughout your home. This new interface is simple to use and provides one-tap access to your most popular streaming services.

Your music and video take a prominent position with the Active Media bar at the top of the Sessions screen, displaying music controls and track details right where you need them. You can easily add or remove rooms, adjust the volume from room to room or throughout the whole home, and more, all from the convenience of one screen.

Favorites Dashboards for Room-to-Room Convenience 

Control4 Smart Home OS 3 makes every property unique with the new Favorites dashboard. Homeowners have the flexibility to prioritize the devices they use most for each room, such as the news station in the living room or the overhead lights in the kitchen, creating a much more personalized and simplified way of navigating any room in the home.

Any device throughout your home can be added to your Favorites dashboard so those icons are front and center on your phone or touch screen when you need them. Simply press and hold to “favorite” a device, service, scene, or playlist in any space. Then drag to reorganize or delete any icons with a simple tap.

At-a-Glance Views for Security & Lighting 

Now you can easily access at-a-glance views of the most vital devices around your home from any room with Control4 Smart Home OS 3. Assemble whole-home dashboards to view your front door lock, garage doors, security cameras, and more to ensure your home is secure before you go to sleep—all from the comfort of your bedroom.

The device icons on your at-a-glance dashboard visually represent the individual states for connected devices, such as a running fan, a light left on, or open blinds. You now have the power to take immediate control of any vital devices around your home in order to protect your property before you leave or head to bed.

Bring OS 3 to Your Home 

While these changes are impressive, the newly added features don’t stop there. In fact, OS 3 brings Control4 users thousands of new features that the previous operating systems does not offer. Whether you enjoy controlling your system from your phone, touch panel, or handheld remote, you’ll experience a complete transformation in ease and customization as you navigate through the new OS 3.

Ready to bring Smart Home OS 3 to your home? As a trusted authorized Control4 dealer, our team at Platinum MediaWorks has you covered. We take pride in providing robust, sophisticated smart home system installations and upgrades for families across central Texas.

For more information about Control4 Smart Home OS 3, or if you’re ready to upgrade, contact us here or send us a live chat below!

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