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What Is Cloud-Based Home Surveillance?

A Guide to Smarter Home Security

What Is Cloud-Based Home Surveillance?

With the end of summer just around the corner, you’re probably getting ready for the first hints of fall weather to cool off your Plano, TX property.

Fall brings with it a whole host of new events and fun, and before you know it the winter holidays will be here.

That means a lot more foot traffic in and around your property – which also means your home surveillance system will be put to the test.

So how do you store and organize all that footage? What’s the most effective way to enhance your homes safety? This blog will show you.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.


What Is Cloud-Based Surveillance?

You probably understand the basic concepts of a surveillance camera. It’s a device used specifically to record the comings and goings around your property. If something goes wrong, you can quickly review the footage.

But an often-overlooked aspect of a video surveillance system is storage. Once you record something, where does that footage go?

In a traditional system, it may be a server in your basement. That way, you can manage and maintain the hardware yourself.

Of course, today’s cameras offer a lot more than just grainy black and white footage. Higher resolutions, multiple viewing angles, and a multi-camera system means you need a lot of space to store all of the footage.

Cloud-based solutions are a great way to do it.

Instead of storing footage on an on-site server, your footage is stored on servers positioned around the globe. You can immediately pull up any recording you want to review, but storing the footage won’t take up space on your property. Plus, the cloud is an automatic backup, so you won’t lose anything you don’t want to.


The Advantages of Cloud-Based Storage

Here are some great reasons to upgrade:

Optimized storage space: When you upgrade with cloud-based storage, you don’t have to operate or maintain an on-site server. That frees up a lot of space in your home, so you can maximize your property.

Remote Monitoring: Storing footage on the cloud means you’re not the only one in charge of it. Trusted companies offer remote monitoring services to help you review footage on demand. If something goes wrong at home while you’re out, you can count on a trusted professional to review and call the proper authorities if necessary.

Security: Cyber security is one of the most important modern technological concepts. When you use cloud-storage through a trusted company, you don’t have to worry about updating your system quite as frequently. Your cloud service will monitor and secure all your footage, so you know you’re in good hands.


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