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Why It’s Time to Invest in an Outdoor Audio Video System

Don’t Assume Your Indoor TV Will Work Outside

Why It’s Time to Invest in an Outdoor Audio Video System

Summer may be gone but there’s still a little bit of Texas warmth to enjoy here in the McKinney area. Whether you’re a fan of movies under the stars or are ready to cheer on the Cowboys to a spot in the playoffs this year, outdoor audio video can enhance the experience.

But setting up an outdoor system isn’t as simple as wheeling your Sony flat-panel into the backyard. If you want optimal picture and sound, you should invest in a dedicated outdoor television.

What’s the difference between an outdoor and indoor TV? This blog will show you.

Just keep reading to find out how you can get the most out of your backyard A/V.


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The primary difference between an indoor and outdoor TV is the weather-resistance capabilities. For instance, SunBriteTV’s outdoor televisions feature durable, rust-proof casing, strong front panels, and water-proof inputs to last for years in most outdoor conditions.

Their TVs are so strong, in fact, that rumor has it one way they test the durability is by firing a bullet at the screen!

While that may or may not be true, you can be sure the device will survive heavy rain, hail, and the occasional kickball impact while maintaining optimal picture and sound quality.



Another aspect of outdoor TVs that’s essential to performance is the brightness. Your average indoor TV doesn’t have to achieve very high levels of brightness because light conditions are easily managed in a living room or home theater.

Outside, however, ambient light can easily overpower your display.

Ultra-bright systems ramp up the lumens to combat most light. That means movies under the stars are easily visible to everyone on the deck. And if you have your TV mounted over the pool, you won’t have to dim the in-pool lighting, meaning you can enjoy both safety and entertainment simultaneously.

You even can enjoy watching from your outdoor television during hours of direct sunlight with a TV specifically designed to operate in full-sunlight applications.



If you’ve ever used a flat-panel TV, you know they don’t produce the best sound. There’s just not enough space in the thin frame for quality speakers.

But SunBriteTV televisions are designed for integration. That means you can install a quality outdoor audio system and enjoy robust sound no matter where you are.

Weather-proof input and output casings help maintain quality connections without fear of damage from water or other outdoor conditions.

Plus, because SunBriteTV can connect with other smart devices, you can use a single controller to adjust the volume and manage your TV.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of adding an outdoor television to your Metroplex backyard?


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