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Why You Need A Multi-Site Commercial Security System

Manage multiple properties from one centralized location

Why You Need A Multi-Site Commercial Security System

The security of your properties is vital, but it can be challenging to make sure all of them are protected when you own multiple properties. Along with having many properties, there are multiple systems in each which makes it even more difficult to manage it all.

Multi-site management allows you to control your security, access control, and surveillance systems for all of your properties from one centralized location. Read our latest blog to learn why you need a commercial security system in Dallas, TX that allows for multi-site management.

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Centralized Control

A smart security system will be proactive instead of reactive by allowing you to prevent security breaches before they happen. A smart alarm system will enable you to manage your business security system from anywhere; you will be able to remotely arm or disarm your alarm from a smart device and check the status of your security system throughout the day. You can set up email alerts so that if a change in the alarm status or motion is detected after business hours, you will receive an immediate notification. Surveillance cameras allow you to view both live and previously recorded video throughout the day, so you can monitor your property whether you are working in your office or relaxing at home.

Depending on your needs, Platinum can take all of your different systems, such as surveillance cameras, access systems, and security systems, and integrate them into one centralized system, so everything is consolidated together. Instead of having a different login for each system, Platinum will find the best solution so everything can be managed from one centralized location.

Multi-Site Management

Your security system doesn’t have to be limited to a single property. Multi-site management control systems allow you to manage all of your properties from one device. Create individual identities for each property and scroll through them to check each alarm system's status. Customize alerts for every property so that you know which is affected when there is a breach. Easily monitor the surveillance cameras for your properties from a single app.

Finally, with advanced access control, instead of having to go to each individual location to grant someone security access to a building's door keypads, you can give access to all sites remotely. Have complete control of every aspect of your properties' security systems without having to juggle multiple systems, logins and interfaces.

 If you’re ready to install a multi-property commercial security system in your Dallas business, call us today at (469) 331-0328, fill out our online contact form, or chat with us using the box at the bottom of your browser. We can't wait to start on your project and help make your business more secure.

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