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Why Your Project Needs A Commercial Security Installation

Add value to your property and deter break-ins on your job site in Dallas, TX

Why Your Project Needs A Commercial Security Installation

When working on a construction project, you probably aren’t thinking about smart security solutions. This is a mistake, however. A commercial security solution will help you protect your building site and help you add value to your projects.

Rather than having separate systems for heating, cooling, lighting, audio-video systems, and security, an integrator can design one, centralized system for you and your future buyer to use. It is vital that you bring in an integrator early in the construction project. It will make it easier to install and wire smart technologies as you build. Learn why it is essential to include a commercial security installation in your next Dallas area project.

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Add Value To Your Property

Completing a commercial security installation adds value to your property. Surveillance cameras increase the security of the property, appealing to potential buyers. Access control systems are also much easier to install during construction. For example, all access systems, such as key locks, keypads, and card scanners, must be ADA accessible. Retrofitting an existing building to ADA-accessible is costly and risky. If you wait until after the building is completed to install access control equipment, you risk not having enough space for a ramp. It is also challenging to ensure that smart locks and surveillance cameras are placed correctly once a building has been completed. The easier method is to install them early on in the building process, so you don't need to open up the walls again later.

Manage Your Projects With Ease

Installing commercial security systems also makes it easier to manage the property during the construction process. Your construction site is empty during the night, making it susceptible to squatters, vandals, and robbers. Lighting and cameras will deter people from loitering on your property, and motion sensors will alert you when someone is moving around after construction hours. Remote access control systems allow you to monitor the property no matter where you are in the world. Control all of your properties with a single, centralized system. Multi-system access will enable you to manage multiple locations from one dashboard so that you can monitor all of your construction projects at once.

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