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Which Outdoor Speakers are Right for Your Home?

Not All Outdoor Speakers Are Equal. Let an Outdoor Sound System Installer Help You Decide.

Which Outdoor Speakers are Right for Your Home?

Days and nights by the pool or grill are best shared your favorite tunes. Whether your friends and family are classic rock or pop fans, all gatherings will be memorable experiences with the help of outdoor speakers. Outdoor speakers are built to endure all weather, so you can leave them installed in your landscaping all year long for spontaneous music moments. 

But not all outdoor sound systems are the same. Depending on your passion for audio and the size of your property, an experience outdoor sound system installer like Platinum MediaWorks can help transform your backyard into a musical wonderland. Discover which type of speakers will work best for your Dallas, Texas home.

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Your Effortless Guide to Enjoying Whole Home Audio

Set up a system to enjoy your favorite music anywhere in your Allen, TX home with our simple guide

Your Effortless Guide to Enjoying Whole Home Audio

There’s almost no chore or household activity that music doesn’t make better in some way. If you want to make it easier to enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere in your home, you want to install a whole-home audio system.

If you’re new to home automation, however, designing a system like this may seem daunting. Don’t worry; we’ve put together this guide to help you determine what your system needs and where to go from there. Here’s how to get started with whole house audio for your Allen, TX home.

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Quick Guide: The Perfect Audio Solutions for Your Office

Learn How Commercial Audio Distribution Can Benefit Your Business

Quick Guide: The Perfect Audio Solutions for Your Office

As a business owner, you understand the importance of incorporating solutions into your company’s operations that help boost productivity and morale. A commercial audio distribution system can help increase the quality of not only your day-to-day business activities but also the work performance of your staff.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through a few ways you can use commercial audio distribution in different areas of your office space in the Fort Worth, TX area to help keep you and your staff focused. Just keep reading to learn more.

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How Whole House Audio Makes Your Holidays Merrier

Good Tidings, Good Cheer, and Good Music

How Whole House Audio Makes Your Holidays Merrier

This month, we may still be doing the Monster Mash and eating candy corn, but pretty soon the Jingle Bells will be rocking, and you’ll be gathering your family for a happy holiday season in your Fort Worth, TX home.

Between the lights and the decorations, there’s going to be plenty of holiday cheer for your guests to take in. But the one thing that ties it all together is the right soundtrack.

A whole house audio system can enhance your season with an updated listening experience. From setting the tone for every occasion to defining the mood in each room, to keeping your property safe when you’re out, there’s plenty your AV distribution system can do.

Want to find out how? Just keep reading.

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