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  • Alarm Systems

    Stakeholders have peace of mind knowing you and the authorities will be notified if something just isn’t right and safety is increased by integrating with access control, surveillance, and environmental controls

  • Entry Systems / Access Control

    Convenient notification when visitors arrive and enhanced control for door locks, entrances and gates

  • Video Surveillance

    Monitor and record activities real-time whether you’re at work or on the other side of the world


    Alarm Systems

    An alarm system customized to your Dallas business’s needs will be the most effective at protecting what your growing company and assets. Gain peace of mind with the confidence that you’ll be notified while you’re away if something happens out of schedule. Receive an e-mail that the alarm was disarmed or a door is open. Access real-time information from touch screens and mobile devices. An integrated commercial alarm system can provide more safety by also triggering lights, surveillance, audio and climate based on the situation. Set the burglar alarm and secure entrances with a tap of your touch screen before leaving for the day.

    Entry Systems / Access Control

    Our entry systems provide more control for small, medium and nationwide businesses. Ensure access to your property or certain areas of it is granted only to authorized individuals. They can be standalone or integrated into your other office automation systems to maximize efficiency, for example, adding video capability so you can see who’s coming in and out. Get detailed audit trail reports letting you know who went where and when. Access can be controlled with magnetic door locks, biometric fingerprint, and perimeter barriers such as gate control. Together, we can customize a solution for your Fort Worth company’s specific needs.

    Video Surveillance

    With high-definition surveillance cameras in and around your commercial Dallas property, you can monitor and record activities real-time whether you’re in the space or halfway around the globe. With a commercial security installation, you’ll receive live video streams of entrances for quality control, interior areas, the perimeter, or even check on materials or important assets from the same touch screen that controls your Audio / Video system or from your smart mobile device. Camera types include pan-tilt-zoom, covert, long-range, CCTV, and more. Video solutions based on event-triggers are a prevention-based security solution and can help stop events from occurring rather than just recording them. Since your surveillance data is private to your business, it can be encrypted and securely streamed and stored.

    Fire / Life Safety

    Increase safety in your Fort Worth business for your employees and protect valuable assets by connecting smoke, heat and gas detectors with your security system. When your smoke alarm is integrated it ensures rapid response from the fire department or your HVAC system can turn off to prevent fueling a fire. Heat detectors are used to detect fires in areas that are naturally smoky or dusty, such as storage areas. Protect your staff and customer’s well-being by monitoring carbon monoxide, natural gas and LP gas.

    Wire & Cable

    Whether you're re-wiring your Dallas business or simply installing a network, it's important to hire someone who specializes in low voltage system design and wiring in order to get the job done properly. Many construction trades, even electricians, may not have the expertise on low voltage requirements for office automation systems and new audio video distribution products that now also rely upon Ethernet communication. All wiring used behind walls, under floors or otherwise installed as a structural component of the facility must be properly rated and specified. We’ll ensure the electronic infrastructure of your commercial property is installed to effectively support your system requirements and help protect its relevancy over time.

    Smart Building Technology

    Increase efficiency of resources and reduce energy costs with office automation systems and intelligent building technology. It’s a smart way to run your Fort Worth business. Network control and real-time usage monitoring of lighting systems, heating, ventilation and cooling, and Audio/Video distribution allows for automatic power-down or optimized adjustments when systems and rooms are not being used. All building systems may be monitored from one central location whether you have one building or an entire campus of technology integrated spaces. Uptime and reliability is greater and users adopt the smart technology to be more productive which increases the return on investment both with reduced labor costs and better collaboration. Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting minimizes downtime and service costs.

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