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Security Monitoring & Interactive Smart Security

As your local security company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, protecting your family or business is an ongoing commitment. We don’t settle for installing a few locks and sensors and calling it a day. Instead, we give you the tools needed to have peace of mind no matter where you are, bringing your lights, locks, cameras, and access systems together to keep you secure. From professional home and commercial security monitoring to our remote monitoring plans, you’ll know someone is always keeping an eye on your property to make sure things are going smoothly. If there is ever any suspicious activity, you’ll be the first to know and be able to respond immediately. Here we highlight some of the most important features to consider if you want to have a proactive security system.

Security Monitoring

What good are alarm systems, surveillance cameras and motion sensors if no one is monitoring them? Protecting your property and family’s safety shouldn’t be a full-time job.
For our home and commercial security systems in the Frisco, TX, area, we have multiple accredited security monitoring service stations watching over your system 24/7.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Most smoke detectors only emit a sound to warn you of danger without taking the extra step of informing local fire crews. Those extra minutes or seconds it takes to make a call could be crucial in an emergency. With residential alarm service monitoring for your McKinney, TX, home, a signal is immediately sent to a central monitoring station if the system detects danger. The system then works with first responders to get them to your home as quickly as possible. If you’re away from home, you’ll get a text or email notification on your phone.
Alarm service monitoring is also extremely valuable for business owners. Fires can do devastating damage to a business: They can damage your building, destroy equipment, even hurt your employees. Commercial alarm monitoring works much the same way as residential monitoring. By speeding up the response time, monitoring services protect your business’ employees and assets. A monitoring service is an investment you can’t afford not to ignore.

Cloud Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control for business and the home offers greater flexibility when protecting your property. A cloud-based solution bolsters your security by making it easy to provide and revoke access and monitor who enters and leaves your property at any time.
Since there is less on-site equipment it’s also easier to maintain and expand the system in the future. The best part? You can access the cloud at any time. So, you can let people in, see when they came and went, or lock the doors after you leave. All you need is an internet connection and a smart device to pull up your system.

Cloud Video Surveillance

Another way cloud-based technology impacts the security industry is when it comes to your surveillance system installation. There are a variety of benefits to cloud-based surveillance, primarily when it comes to storing your footage. By having your storage on the cloud instead of on an on-site server, you have infinite more storage space.

You also don’t have to worry about losing all your footage when your server goes down or is replaced. Like with access control, you can access your cloud-based surveillance at any time whether you’re on the property or off on vacation. And through our service plans, we’ll make sure to automatically update your system with the latest firmware to better protect your privacy.

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